Grand Island Michigan
Grand Island, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Two former doers who haven’t quite figured out how to feel comfortable in retirement.  When we’re not on the road we’re in a dink-slam pickleball battle, sweating camel in hot yoga or sourcing trash for an art project.  As long form bloggers, we focus on insight and perspective.  We’re no substitute for Yelp (come on, they’re mostly fake anyway, right?)  We’ll share the subtle joy of finding a waterfront camp site hidden in a community park at 10 p.m.  Or, we’ll take your through our stages of grief as we realize that we cannot reach the summit on a hike and find peace with our own limitations in the try.  If you read us, you may want to drive a hundred miles to eat lunch in the back of a West Florida CITGO station where Momma Belki makes the most authentic Cuban sandwich north of Havana. Our vibe is getting lost in America, living in a 200 sq ft trailer and finding Yes in life when we can.

Deadhorse Point State Park
Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah


A-6 Intruder
A-6 Intruder on USS Midway, San Diego


Burba Park, MD

Boss + Roxie + Comos