About Us

Grand Island Michigan
Grand Island, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The Backstory

Like many in-their-50s couples we were in the peak of our careers – earnings, status, reputation. Kids were launched, but we were on a decline, caught in the game … both stressed and leading unhealthy lifestyles. On a mild Saturday afternoon outing, Eric stopped his road bike and laid down on the side of the trail, heart racing, unable to ride on. Diagnosis? Cardio myopathy due to AFIB. Treatment? Two ablations, several cardioverts, a multitude of medications and a serious lecture from Dr. Cole about weight loss, stress reduction and re-thinking that 90 mile a day DC beltway commute. In lockstep we committed to change our lives and embarked on a journey to retire from our identity jobs and be the creators of our next phase of life.

Our Approach

Whatever it takes to Pursue Yes!

The Now Story

Since retiring in June 2018, we’ve put tens of thousands of miles on our RV and ebikes, sold our 3,000 sq ft family home, bought a city condo, shed a basement, attic and garage full of possessions, and feel happier and healthier than we’ve felt in over a decade.

With the benefit of hindsight in 2020, we are charting a new course saying good bye to Betty and hello to Roxie and the 5’er lifestyle, keeping the Como’s hitched and our mission to visit all stateside National Parks before we’re 60.

The “Just Us“ Wedding

Adventure is getting married on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial during Cherry Blossom season with no guests but the videographer and hundreds of tourists.

Meet Sheric

Eric is an engineer. Sheri mastered in marketing. Eric chose a career in the military while Sheri landed in financial services. Finding each other in our 40s, we’ve been blogging since our first Planes, Trains and Ferries Adventure in British Colombia in 2012, now turning our vacation-hobby into a full time Pursuit of Yes.

Deadhorse Point State Park
Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah



A Baltimore girl who still returns to the old neighborhood to get her hair done. A financial advisor, business manager, and corporate executive who traded the power suit for a bike skirt.

A-6 Intruder
A-6 Intruder on USS Midway, San Diego



A Philly boy who left the city of brotherly love to join the Navy. If you recognize the big-nosed ‘beauty’ in the background, you know what he did in the Navy. An aerospace engineer and college professor after the A-6E Intruder and he retired.

Burba Park, MD

Boss & the Comos feat. Roxie-in-tow

Co-Transportation and Lodging

A 2020 Ford Super Duty, 2020 Flagstaff 526RK, and two 2018 Specialized Turbo Como’s with bags, baskets, and batteries.

What comes next…

It’s a big world. Right now we are all-in on RV’ing around the USA, overwhelmed by how much there is to do and see in 3.5 million square miles.