This hardly counts as a visit, but we did drive through on our way from WA to NM. The forest fires were bad in the south west US, and thick smoke had the region in its grip. As a result, there was not much that you could see. We spent enough time to get the lay of the land for a future visit. We will be sure to check the status of forest fires before we go. Logistically, it is an easy add-on to Yellowstone, but Wonderland is so massive it really doesn’t need any add-ons. If not coming in from Yellowstone, the southern Jackson Hole entrance is popular. We exited the lesser used eastern entrance out Rt 287. If you do go out 287, you do get to visit the town of Dubois which is very friendly. There are at least two good RV parks in Dubois but if you are adventurous, you can drag your rig six miles out a dirt road to the Big Horn sheep wildlife habitat and camp on Ring Lake which we highly recommend.