The COVID of 2020 was hitting and we were playing musical chairs with campground reservations worried that at any moment the music was going to stop and we would living on the side of the road. Mammoth Cave National Park basically closed while we were in the cave, and kicked us out. We were racing south trying to get to a military base RV famcamp in Lousiana and had a one night layer-over in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The National Park was already COVID-closed, but we walked around the park and the town for half a day. The National Park campground right outside of Hot Springs is all FCFS, and super sweet, minus the trucks grinding up the big hill behind the park all night. The town shop, restaurant, and bar owners were all in basically COVID shock. We chatted with a few locals and everyone, including us, was frightened. We will always remember the visit as much for the chats with the servers wondering how they were going to make rent as much as the park itself.