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Sheric Adventures

Pursue YES

First it was 19, then it was Delta and now it’s Omnicron. The coronavirus may not be done with America, but Americans are definitely done with it. After a masked up zig-zag-the-country land cruise from suburban Washington DC to the Pacific shores of Washington in pandemic 2020, we hunkered in 2021 figuring out how to live in Florida. Between pickleball, hot yoga and the Goodwill Bargain Barn, we’ve kept super busy and are beyond ready to get back on the road in 2022 for a spring/summer cross country land cruise from the Florida Gulf to Oregon Coast.

Welcome to Sheric Adventures! This website is an online journal of our life on the road, visiting National Parks, big cities and small towns across America while camping in an RV.

The blog is the main attraction; the place where we share experiences and insights about our country’s crown jewels, mainstream attractions and off the beaten path treasures while trying to live like locals and feel their vibe. We hope you’ll Join Us and share your thoughts along the way.

What is the Pursuit of Yes?

The human mind is conditioned for No. You first hear it as a toddler from Mom and Dad, bring it into your vocabulary and use it throughout life. No, I don’t want that, No I don’t like that, No I can’t do that, No that won’t work. Worse, other people telling you No you can’t or No you shouldn’t. The pursuit of YES is the opposite.

Yes is a mindset. It’s a combination of optimism and gratitude, especially in the face of things that do not inspire either. It takes practice and commitment to get to yes. Right now we have no control over camping availability, park closures or internet connectivity, which pretty much impacts the entire way we live. But instead of packing it up (going home) or hunkering down (sheltering in place again), we mask on and keep going.

Avalanche Falls, Glacier National Park, MT
Channeled Scabland of eastern Washington
Appling, GA

How We Roll

Our rolling home is a 2020 Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 526RK, nicknamed Roxie. Towed by a 2020 Ford Super Duty, wherever we drop the jacks we are home for a day, a week, a month or longer. Our everyday-around-the-town transportation is a pair of Specialized Turbo Como electric assist bicycles. Outfitted with racks, trunks, and bags we can venture out 20 miles or more on an excursion or a simple grocery run. Read more about Roxie and the Comos.

San Diego, CA

City Adventures

From DC to San Diego, we explore with a see-it-all-on-two-wheels approach taking in must-see attractions, local flavors and neighborhood events along a bikable route from an often out-of-the-immediate-area campground.  Sometimes that means 50 miles and changing elevations all in a day’s ride. We’re on the streets, trails, loops and byways discovering the hearts of our nation’s cities and the people who call them home. Read more about our City Adventures.

Shenandoah National Park

National Parks

Coast to coast, from Acadia to Zion and all the national, state and county parks in between, the most alluring natural wonders are right in our own red-white-and-blue backyard. With more than 50 national, state and county parks on our travel resume, we’ve biked and hiked nature’s finest in the pursuit of Yes. Read more about our Parks and Recreation Adventures.

Taos, NM

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