Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions we are asked.

Who is Sheric?

Together, Sheri and Eric are Sheric, an in-our-50s married couple who retired from our corporate and government careers to reinvent ourselves in an experiential, active lifestyle and share our journeys as travel writers.

What are Sheric Adventures?

Sheric Adventures (SA) are the product of our dream to tour every major US city and national park by electric bike before we’re 65.

Are you sponsored by anyone?

We are not sponsored, paid, or endorsed by any business/organization in any way.  Tourism bureaus, media outlets and businesses hire us to create digital, print and online content. See our services tab for more information.

How do you get on all of those military bases?

Eric is retired Navy. He is deeply appreciative of the wonderful benefits of being retired Navy. When we stay on a military base, you may read the campground referred to as a FAM CAMP which is what the DoD Morale Welfare, and Recreation calls them. For all the young persons reading this, we encourage you to seriously consider serving your country. We guarantee you will not find a better group of colleagues and friends, or more meaningful vocation.

Why did you pick Specialized e-bikes, and isn’t riding an e-bike cheating?

When we ditched the car in favor of an active life on bikes, we also ditched the trunk that carries our gear, the gas that transports us many miles away and an engine to climb mountains.  The Comos are outfitted for adventure with a battery that will take us up to 60 miles in a trip and pedal assist that helps us middle-agers navigate roads, hills and trails with see-it-all on two wheels possibility. We wanted an e-bike that could be serviced anywhere in the United States with easy access to parts and service. We also wanted a comfortable, upright riding position and a 28 mph top speed. The Como fit the bill.

What’s your favorite National Park?

So far? Sheri loved the otherunderworldliness of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico while Eric favored Zion in Utah.

What are some of the challenges and opportunities you face?

Like many people in the aging phenomenon, most of our challenges are based on health and wealth.  We confront everyday health challenges from weight, cardiovascular and mobility issues along with financial planning for a modest fixed income.  Our opportunities are in finding personal fulfillment and making social contributions through travel.