I’m Free

To do what I want

Any old time

Last Saturday (July 28th) marked the 20th day of our 33 day Reboot Roadtrip. We’d pretty much exhausted everything there is to do within a 20 miles around Mistletoe so we decided to make a Wildwood Park return for another championship round of disc golf, go swimming at their beach and depart a day early for South Mountain State Park in Connolly Springs, GA.

We know the route by heart – Out Mistletoe Road, right on Tom Bartles, right on Eubank, right on Ray Owens, over Keg Creek (the only shoulder on the whole route) and 12 miles later make the final left into Wildwood.

With the Steady Ed Headrick course under our belt, it was time to take on the 10,000 yard grip and rip, WR Jackson. With the course all to ourselves, we were able to take our time and work ourselves out of a few situations. Luckily Eric wasn’t wearing his dress white Headricks that round.

It was a challenge to say the least, but we are hooked and will likely be planning trips around disc golf, like we used to do with craft breweries. Hot and buggy after 2 miles hunting in the hills, we rode down to the beach to cool off and hang with the local Eagles fans and watch a couple of Sea Ray type boats Dads let the kids climb in and jump out with the motor running. We were sure we’d make the 6:00 news, but that’s how they roll in Appling, GA.

Looking at the maps on the next leg of the journey, we were heading to a park that looked much like Mistletoe, only we would be in the mountains instead of flattish land and the nearest attraction was 17 miles away instead of 12 with Asheville a wildcard at 80 miles away. The logistics were depressing so we decided to switch gears and head to Asheville with no reservation on the hopes we could be a walk-in at some park not to far from town. We’d also get to find out how Betty would do on mountain highways, which she chugged along nicely, hanging with the big trucks at 30mph on a 7% incline.

BTW – we named the coach Betty Write for her wit, wisdom and will for adventure. After calling around we snagged 7 days at Bear Creek RV Park. It’s a private park with full hook-up, free WiFi and Cable TV. Since we’ve been in extreme water conservation and waste management mode, along with biking 10mi+ for free WiFi and not having watched TV in 3 weeks, we decided to take a week of comfort and try to exhaust Asheville, like we did in our three prior parks. Biltmore, Kayak, Disc Golf, Arts District, Outdoor Theater, Thrifting, navigating the mountains by e-bike … stay tuned for the backroads review of one of Forbes 2018 Best Cities for Retirement.