COVID caused a boom in RV’ing which ruined campgrounds for everyone that did not want to make reservations a year in advance. The only option was to downsize to a tent and go into the wild. The super-bloom in southern California’s Anzo Borrego desert was as good a destination as any to test out tent life.

After selling the house and drastically downsizing into a one bedroom condo in town, we headed out to see America in early spring 2020. A month prior to leaving, we had to replace the RV. That would turn out to be the easy catastrophe. No one knew that COVID was around the corner ready wreak havoc on lives and our plans for the next year just a month into the journey.

Escaping the mid-atlantic winter in 2019-2020, we drive the truck to Florida to visit the National Parks tent camping out of the pick-up truck. It’s hard, but little did we know tent camping would come in handy in the next year.

While home during the late summer and early fall of 2019, we take short excursions into the local region to visit state and National parks.

After a ‘stow-and-go’ visit back east, we return to the RV in the spring of 2019 for a wondering path through America with an emphasis on Utah, South Dakota, and Michigan. We end in the east in summer of 2019 to sell the house.

With the RV positioned in Tucson, AZ, we fly to the RV prior to the east coast winter. During the winter of 2019, we enjoy the sunny southwest with an emphasis on living in San Diego.

In preparation for an anticipated winter in the southwest, we travel from Pennsylvania to Arizona in late fall, 2018. We ‘stow-and-go’ back home to visit family before departing for the winter.

Picking up the new-to-us RV, we take it on a shakedown voyage from Florida to Pennsylvania during the summer of 2018.