So, It’s Time to Go

Insights on our time during COVID-19 inspired by the works of Dr. Seuss

We’re off to see glaciers
And sights we’ve not seen
For in-person experiences
Not TV nor magazine

Drive Through Daiquiris are definitely new to us

We have $2 buck gas in the tank
And burning desire in our hearts
We’ll drive ourselves thousands of miles
For these new-to-us parts.

We’ve made a choice that’s right for Just Us
And the Pursuit of YES is an unwavering must.

Just Us

We’ve looked over maps and charted some routes
Will they pan out? Our plans might be moot.
Will camping be open? Will the pandemic recede?
All we really know is we must go, indeed.

Must escape the bayou

The internet is iffy
It’s information opaque
But there’s wide open spaces
So we’re going in haste

Check Point COVID-19

There’s Plan A and Plan B
Plans all the way to Plan Z
Well, they’re not really plans
But hopes and dreams of living free

Free to go and do and see
With pace and curiosity that’s right for us and we

For two and a half months
We’ve been sheltering in place
Mending an ankle with patience and care
At Shreveport’s Barksdale Air Force Base

Super Healers and Super Heroes wear masks

Between free golf on the Bomber Bayou
And camping at Harmon Lake
We made the best of a waiting situation
Vegging out with food blogger Cookie+Kate

Power lines are no match for tornado alley

We’ve caught bass on Flag Lake
And hiked the Mighty Deuce Trail
Been shaken by Arklatex tornados
And golf ball sized hail

Searching for golf ball sized… golf balls

We gave each other haircuts
On our seventh ann-i-ver-sar-ree
Capped off with Louisiana home cooking
Hush puppies, red beans and authentic e-touf-fee

Trust me

With this highlight reel fading
We got lost in the waiting

Waiting for the next series to drop
Puzzle to puzzle
Happy hour to guzzle
Blog to unblock

Happy hour puzzle

Waiting for the next rig to pull in
B-52 Bomber to land
Do we need more coffee creamer?
A masked trip to the Commissary would be grand

Bring back the trails

When a broken ankle stops activity
And wearing a mask makes us queasy
When we can’t do the things that move us
Sparking joy don’t come easy


We’re so tired of waiting
Waiting for Parks to reopen
For the ankle to heal
For the rain to stop falling
For the freedom to feel

Here we are in a Covid induced slump
And as Dr Seuss says in his rhyming fun
“Un-slumping yourself
is not easily done”

Plan A

It’s time to get moving
And be on our way
We’ll leave Louisiana at Reveille
Hitting Arkansas, Nebraska, South then North Dakota
on the last day of May

We’ll celebrate our birthdays
At Sully Creek State Park
In the heart of Dakota Badlands
Down the road from Teddy R’s National Park

Plenty of boats (at Barksdale)

We can’t really tell what’s open and closed
Maybe we’ll kayak the Little Missouri River
Or maybe we won’t
Depends on the weather and if there’s a boat

Rain or shine, hot or cold
You’ll find us hiking the Maah Dah Hey Trail
Blogging Shericadventures
Striking out bold