What’s Cookin’

Dr. Cox took full credit for the decision not to plate the broken fibula. He said he sees new bone growth over the past 6-7 weeks and was quite pleased with himself and his advice to Louisiana boot.

April 1
3 weeks of healing

The break actually happened on March 29 and by our count, that makes 3 weeks, but if the good doctor wants to own Super-healer’s progress, we’ll let him since he also owns the X-ray machine and is the only option to status check the recovery. Next appointment is May 13, and if in those real 6 weeks similar healing takes place, Sheri will bust a boot for a brace and be back on the bike by her birthday. Say that 10 times fast. In the meantime, it’s curb your activity and find another new groove, which in this case has become international gastronomy.

Kayaking Flag Lake during chef prep

Two steaks on the grill, a Commissary roaster chicken and an article on Covid-19 in a Smithfield pork plant put us in an anti-meat mentality so Sheri took to her favorite whole food vegetarian food blogger, Kathryne Taylor of Cookie + Kate for an around-the-world flavor trip to get into the garden and out of the slaughterhouses. In the meantime, Eric picked up an oar and a vest and has been kayaking Flag Lake on the hunt for gators and bass during chef-prep time.

Grocery Run

International cooking requires international ingredients not available on base so we googled grocers in Shreveport and spent a masked afternoon pantry shopping. Whole Foods had the soba noodles, unsweetened coconut flakes and nutritional yeast. Bao Bao had the panang curry paste and Spices & All had raw cashews and green chickpeas.

Have you visited your local international market?
Food is a universal language

We didn’t actually want green chickpeas, but surprisingly, every mainstream grocer from Kroger to Walmart were picked clean of dried beans. With what we had in our pantry and these harder-to-find fixings we’re not missing the meat at all.

Mexican Migration: How to Make Enchilada Sauce

Sure, you’re craving a saucy fiesta and that can of Old El Paso or Rosarita red from Wegmans can give the fix. But for a little extra effort, maybe 15 minutes of chop, saute and simmer, you can have a deeply flavored alternative that pairs well with any filling.

Black Bean and veggies with Cookie+Kate best enchilada sauce

Thai one on: Panang Curry with Vegetables

We used to love the Massaman and Panang curry dishes at Lemongrass in Annapolis but at home it was mostly Thai Kitchen red paste because that’s what Harris Teeter stocks. Now that we have a vat of panang paste we’ll be making this sweet, nutty, creamy dish often, swapping peppers for whatever vegetables are in the fridge. Keep a few cans of coconut milk and bag of brown basmati in the pantry and you can thai one on any time.

Ingredients for Panang Curry
Serve over brown basmati

Middle Eastern Mmmm: Crispy Falafel

There are two varieties of chickpeas – Desi and Kabuli. We all use the white Kabuli kind but since falafel can’t be made with canned beans and the dry ones were sold out, the Indian owner of Spice & All told us we could make the falafel with Desi, but they’d need to soak 24-48 hours instead of overnight. Make this if you have time to kill and a hankering for homemade. It’s way better than Trader Joe’s mix, on par with your best local falafel joint but not nearly as good at Vanoos Grillette in San Diego.

Falafel ingredients
Serve with zhoug and tahini sauces

United Nations winner: Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos with Creamy Chipotle Sauce

Trying to use up an open can of chipotle in adobo, Kate posted this amazing recipe that won a United Nations competition for the National Signature Pulse Recipe for the US. For those like us who didn’t know, a pulse is the edible seed of a legume, high in protein, fiber and iron. Reinvent Taco Tuesday and make this dish!

Simple but flavorful
Taco makeover

Trader Joe Replacement: Zhoug Sauce

Sheri used to be obsessed with TJ Zhoug Sauce, buying it 2 tubs at a time. This homemade version takes time, mostly in picking cilantro leaves off their stems, but the sauce is fresher, greener and as spicy as you want it to be. We spoon it on everything from eggs to salads to chips and falafel. Zhoug is the new ketchup!

Next in Fashion while separating leaves from stems
Zhoug: a spicy and delicious condiment

Bunny love: Favorite Carrot Cake

Eric’s first love is Key Lime Pie but can’t deny his lust for carrot cake. We halve this recipe to make one densely moist honey sweetened 8×8 topped with easy cream cheese icing.

The more ingredients the better the result
Cake and tea

Tonight we’re repeating Panang Curry but tomorrow is Spicy Kale and Coconut Fried Rice. We may be quarantined in Shreveport, LA, but there is nothing stopping us from a global dining experience.