How the West Was Won

Nearly 60 days of winter in the west are coming to an end. The F-35s and F-22s are making their final passes over our heads to wrap up airshow weekend. We have fought our way across the mountains, out of Overflow, and out of Carl’s RV repair. The Norcold dual electric-propane fridge is all fixed and working perfectly. Carl’s fake fixed it with a new propane burner nozzle before it broke again. Eric and the engineers on the internet fixed right it with an external fan and some careful troubleshooting.

Be forewarned, Eric is now a self-taught Norcold engineer and cannot wait to explain the details of an ammonia absorption cooling process to the curious. You might want to have your excuse ready to bow out should the topic come up. Betty is working perfectly and driving like a dream.

A couple of crazy ladies and a cat from Alaska are camping next door in our favorite Class B+ LTV Unity. LTV stands for Leisure Travel Van, a manufacturer out of Canada that hold its value better than any RV on the market. Theirs has a dented TV dish and a wind ripped-off awning, but it does not seem to bother them. They are heading to Seal Beach a few days after we will leave. After Sheri oohed and ahhed over their rig, they have taken to shopping for an LTV for her, finding a great deal on a barely used Unity with the murphy bed (Sheri’s fave) and a tow car in California and expect us to go (246 miles) take a look. Like we said, crazy ladies and their cat that wandered in to say hello.

The east coast calls and our DC abode needs some TLC so it’s time to return. With a little digging, we turned up a recently opened RV storage facility close to Davis-Monthan that has covered storage AND Sunday hours. We pedaled over to take a golf cart tour of the facility, which is mandatory, so that Steve can show off his good work and we could pick our space. The fully paved facility is packed with high end rides. We nodded approvingly as Steve sold us on the security features. Trust us Steve, Betty isn’t going to be the first MH the thieves abscond with should they get past your iron gate and 14 foot concertina fence. Steve says if the security cameras don’t catch em, Smith and Wesson will.

Betty has served us well and deserves a cozy piece of tarmac in the shade until we return in May. The weather has turned absolutely perfect in Arizona just as a winter storm is bearing down on the Northeast. We will soak in the sunshine on the tennis courts, revel in the majestic (you’d swear they are CGI) mountains on the horizon and ride The Loop for one more day.

How the West Was Won