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  • Flagstaff Farewell

    Flagstaff Farewell

    The phone rang at 9 pm. It was the front desk at the campground. The night attendant explained that we were in the wrong camping spot. We would need to move immediately. We looked outside at the pitch blackness and informed him that whatever space issue we were having could wait until it was light….

  • Overland: Envy or Overload?

    Overland: Envy or Overload?

    Often the most rewarding camping experiences over the years have been unplanned and unplugged. Last week Roxie bumped her way down a dirt road at El Malpais, as far as her suspension (and Eric) would allow. If only we knew what was further down that road. Time to switch things up? The pandemic blew up…

  • Finding Flow in Flagstaff

    Finding Flow in Flagstaff

    If you say you’re going to Arizona, 9 out of 10 people gush, telling you that you HAVE to go to Sedona. It’s the darling of the state with a reputation for spiritual enrichment of the body and soul. We’re skipping it this time and heading up in elevation in search of enlightenment. When we…

  • Lucky Break?

    Lucky Break?

    Construction delay signs and Walnut Canyon National Monument signs appeared at the same time en route from Petrified Forest to Flagstaff. Since we have the National Park Pass ($80 for unlimited access to every installation in the NPS) and Google was estimating a two hour delay due to an LA-sized back-up on I-40, we took…

  • It’s the Flux Capacitor, Marty

    It’s the Flux Capacitor, Marty

    How do you make camping in Elephant Butte, watching bad TV and lamenting a stopover in the town of Truth or Consequences worse? Here’s an idea. Have parts in your roof top air conditioner explode. It will delight your senses with a loud bang similar to a gunshot and a foul smell of burning electrical…

  • Party like a Thunderbird

    Party like a Thunderbird

    Birthday 2022 is 55/60 for Sheri and Eric and 75 for the United States Air Force. Unlike us, they seem excited about getting older, throwing themselves a blowout on the ramp this weekend with some serious American Airpower on display. It’s hard to believe the Air Force is 75, considering Army, Navy and Marines are…

  • Cinco de Taco in Space

    Cinco de Taco in Space

    Sitting high above the town of Alamogordo in the foothills of the Sacramento Mountains is a cathedral to the genius of the men and women who designed and built the rockets that flew man into space. This cathedral is disguised as the New Mexico Museum of Space History. Five stories of sleek gold glass enshrines…

  • Alamolocal


    In the eight days we’ve been hanging out in Alamogordo, NM, we’ve been more active in this town than we’d been in the past 8 months in our Florida hometown. Why is that? Does the house have to be less than 200 square feet to force us out and about? We drove a freshly washed,…

  • Busted in Carlsbad

    Busted in Carlsbad

    It’s hard to wrap your head around southeastern New Mexico. It’s not artsy Taos or wealthy Santa Fe or scientific Albuquerque. It’s a product of millions of years of geology that left a system of massive, intricate and stunning caves known as Carlsbad Caverns National Park, hundreds and thousands of feet below ground. The same…

  • Marfa Marfa Marfa

    Marfa Marfa Marfa

    Four years ago, Marfa splashed across the New York Times as the Coolest Art Town in America. It was the story of Shangri-La in the middle of west Texas nowhere. A place where celebrities can disappear and artists can stay true. We swung through Marfa in November 2018. Now, we returned to see what all…