Category: Cross Country During COVID 2020

  • Rocky Mountain High, Cuyahoga Valley Low

    Rocky Mountain High, Cuyahoga Valley Low

    If Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is less known to the general public, then the parks on the other side of the Rocky Mountains – those that butt up against Denver – are known far too well. The cooler fall weather gets the Aspen trees to changing colors, the elk to migrating, and…

  • USAFA Vacation

    USAFA Vacation

    With more than 15,000 Boss odometer miles on this March-to-now 2020 crisscross-the -country adventure, we’ve earned a Ph.D. in how to flex travel without planned routes and reservations, avoid extreme heat, wildfires and hurricanes, cross Smokey, Rocky and Cascady mountain ranges, recreate in breathtaking high altitudes, visit 15 National Parks and 16 states, write 50+…

  • Fade to Black Canyon

    Fade to Black Canyon

    Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks is an ad campaign. Arizona’s Grand Canyon as a summer vacation destination is a product of a tourism bureau. State borders have been politically penciled in on a map. Western states separately promote their respective greatest natural wonders in a cut-up, disjointed series of signs, pamphlets, commercials and promotions. A…

  • Trippin’ through Taos

    Trippin’ through Taos

    Taos, New Mexico is a high desert arts community in the foothills of the Carson National Forest below the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. A four season destination, Taos is the temperate hub to access Rio Grande water sports, Rocky Mountain black diamond ski slopes, historical Indian Pueblos and the future of off-grid sustainable housing at…

  • True Grit at Great Sand Dunes National Park

    True Grit at Great Sand Dunes National Park

    If you’re thinking Sand Dune, you might be thinking long-ass walk to the beach or riding a camel while wearing a white robe and Aladdin headwrap. At Great Sand Dunes in central Colorado it’s neither. A prevailing westerly wind whips across the sprawling south central Colorado plain sitting more than 7,000 feet above sea level….

  • Taos, Soul of the Southwest

    Taos, Soul of the Southwest

    From Yellowstone to Grand Teton to the Whiskey Basin of Dubois, western Wyoming is a place we could disappear for awhile. Like Washington state. We pulled off the quick get- to-Taos trip with loose plans versus reservations. If we were left wanting a deeper dive, the silver lining is that we are now familiar In-Real-Life…

  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes at Grand Teton

    Smoke Gets in Your Eyes at Grand Teton

    Our first National Park was a drive by. Yosemite, 2011, after a three day whitewater rafting trip on the wild and scenic Tuolumne River. We had a steak dinner in The Mountain View Dining Room, snapping photos of Yosemite Falls from our table near the window. Our feet never touched a trail. For us, the…

  • Yellowstone on a Whim

    Yellowstone on a Whim

    Three hundred miles east of Ritzville, WA is Drummond, Montana. Peak outdoor season meant that the Montana State Parks were booked from Butte to Billings. When that happens, it is often the small town parks you can depend on. Drummond is another small town in a railroad dominated community where people live spread out and…

  • Puttin’ on the Ritz

    Puttin’ on the Ritz

    We left Wednesday morning with the Channeled Scablands in our sights – a 225 mile return to eastern Washington’s Coulee City, maybe play 9 holes at The Vic or take a dip in Baker Lake for old times sake. Ten days and 1446 miles to get from Tacoma Washington to Taos New Mexico or about…

  • Washington Wrap-up, No Lie!

    Washington Wrap-up, No Lie!

    Washington’s Badlands It’s been almost two months exploring the Evergreen State, showing up at the Grand Coulee Dam on June 22nd where we discovered the Badlands of eastern Washington. Sunny, dry and 70 degrees, it was a long sleeved hiking, biking, golfing and, if we only had one, boating dream. We spent our days at…