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  • Boquillas Crossing

    Boquillas Crossing

    We had 16 months to prepare, and yet we left in a hurry. Maybe it was because we secretly thought we would never actually leave. Maybe it was because we lost track of the departure date, or that the date was April Fool’s Day. In any case, our passports, our drone, lots of RV appropriate…

  • Paint me a picture

    Paint me a picture

    The destination has always been Big Bend National Park. 13 days would be more than enough to get there. A night here, a weekend there, a concert, a reunion, a fishing anniversary … more than enough time. Until it wasn’t. When we pulled into Southwinds Marina at Amistad National Recreation Area it felt like stay….

  • Nice dam view!

    Nice dam view!

    A wet, sandy wind chased us out of Corpus Christi early Tuesday morning. The night before we’d done our departure chores to make a pre-dawn escape, including wiping down every surface of the feel-it-but-can’t-see-it granular build-up that sifted its way through the screens. The thunderstorms rolled in while the sky was still dark, thick drops…

  • Whipping Wind City

    Whipping Wind City

    Corpus Christi’s tourism slogan is Sparkling City by the Sea. If that is true and the city is indeed sparkling, it might be because it has been sand blasted clean. After spending 4 days in constant high wind, we propose changing the name to Whipping Wind City that makes you want to Throw Yourself into…

  • Blowing in the Wind

    Blowing in the Wind

    Once you set an itinerary, book reservations and start moving, it’s hard to mentally deviate from the plan. In the one week we’ve been gone we pressed 1500 miles west, pulling 10,000 pounds through half a dozen under-construction beltways, plus Final Four mania, 10 pounds of fried food and sport fishing in gale force winds….

  • Chasin’ Cajun

    Chasin’ Cajun

    The ringing in our old ears lasted through the night but it was the Macklemore Imagine Dragons adrenaline that helped us pump out a blog before heading to the other side of the Pelican State for a shelter-in-place reunion with our Covid 19 BFFs. In April 2020 we were trapped in Shreveport, Louisiana on Barksdale…

  • Final Four Frenzy

    Final Four Frenzy

    March Madness brings April Badassness in the City of New Orleans, dominated by frats and alums, decked out in team colors, partaking in every debauchery the voodoo city can conjour. You’re more likely to find us hiking a coalwash or biking a causeway than gambling on the Vegas strip or in this case, doing a…

  • The Great Migration

    The Great Migration

    Birds fly south to escape the harsh winter. V-shaped formations and the cacophony of squawking is the sign. And when they arrive, they join the droves of Florida wildlife who bask, eat and recreate, causing the native species much dismay. And after the winter’s sun bath, when the scent of spring wafts in from the…

  • On the Road Again

    On the Road Again

    Quest for Yes is a mindset. It’s a recipe of optimism, gratitude and naivety cooked up when events inspire neither. When Covid hit big in March 2020, we were 1000 miles away from home with no control over campground closures.  One minute we were holding tickets for a tour of Mammoth caves, the next minute…

  • USAFA Vacation

    USAFA Vacation

    With more than 15,000 Boss odometer miles on this March-to-now 2020 crisscross-the -country adventure, we’ve earned a Ph.D. in how to flex travel without planned routes and reservations, avoid extreme heat, wildfires and hurricanes, cross Smokey, Rocky and Cascady mountain ranges, recreate in breathtaking high altitudes, visit 15 National Parks and 16 states, write 50+…