Poppin’ Tags

I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got 20 dollars in my pocket
I’m I’m I’m huntin’
Lookin’ for a come up
This is (bleepin’) awesome

We love thrift store shopping, well, one of us a little more than the other. Today Sheri had $15 in her pocket, an ebike , looming rain and two thrift shops two miles down A1A – Betty Griffin Center Thrift Store and S.A.F.E Pet Rescue and Thrift Store.

The hunt list (things we want or need) was growing and whenever possible, we try to go the recycle, reclaim, reuse route while fetching a bargain at the same time. Today we knocked 6 off our list and scored a few more non-necessities for the low price of $12.78! We hit Betty’s just as the skies turned charcoal and heavy rain-hail started to fall. We’d have time to kill so we got to know Betty’s inventory very well. The picture does not do it justice. Here it simply looks like a well stocked clothing store. This picture is taken from the picture from the library, which is big enough to park the RV in. It’s a used bookstore/media center, arts/crafts, games and puzzle extravaganza. With the TV reception basically non-existent, we ticked trashy novel and acclaimed films off the hunt list.Right in front of the library is the linen shop – here we picked up a fabric shower curtain and hooks to hang behind the cab chairs on the tension rod from the Ormond Beach Walmart to make the drying rack in the shower. The giant windshield lets the sunshine in, and the cool factor deteriorates when the rest of the rig is sucking back the air. We’ll rig it up when we break camp here for the next leg in Georgia and let you know if it works.

In the back left corner is electronics and furniture. That was the best section because one of the shoppers parked himself on a sofa for sale and strummed a guitar for sale like we were sitting at the tiki bar down by the water. It’s usually easy listening at most thrift shops. They should all consider live music! Picked up a power strip in that department. We have a lot of lights outside the coach and not enough plugs to illuminate them. Now we do!

Just down the aisle was office and hardware, where we copped this case for the iPad Pro or MacBook for when we take it with us in the ebike panniers so it doesn’t rattle around and get damaged. The case is the Electric Baby Artist Series – Andrew Pommier. Couldn’t find it online but we will definitely blog better with this spider monster protecting our writing machines.

Two large plastic iced tea cups and a dustpan rounded today’s come ups, as Macklemore would say. After Betty’s we visited 312 Pawn, Dollar General and Sporks for an afternoon snack. When the sign says Really Good Food and Free WiFi, they have our attention. We split the chicken tacos with Datil pepper (a St. Augustine exclusive) and it was just as advertised – really good. With the rain finally waning, we stopped at the animal rescue store but they didn’t have anything on the hunt list and with only so much storage space, we can’t be accumulating like at home. Another fine day of poppin’ tags and savin’ hella dough! Thrift on!