Gimme a Breaker

El Nino is wreaking havoc on San Diego’s winter weather bringing more rain than seen in a decade. Starting tomorrow an atmospheric river from the sub-tropics will drench San Diego County with enough rain to fill 3 million swimming pools. Valentine’s Day love for the thankful locals who embrace it, knowing full well that the state needs to hoard water when it can. In the calm before the storm, our town welcomed us back with clear blue skies and 70 degrees. We ditched plans to hang out inside a museum and pivoted to an outdoor day.

Biking north along our now familiar Bayshore Bikeway to downtown Coronado, we made pit stops at the local churches’ thrift shops. We love the thrift shops where the prices are low, the products are quality, and the proceeds directly benefit the church. We found a 14 foot Toucan kite, perfect for a windy San Diego day, and a 1008 piece puzzle, perfect for the upcoming storm.

Cutting back toward the coast, we navigated haphazardly through the back streets of Coronado, agreeing that any one of the uber-cute cottages that lined the road would be paradise. At a few million dollars, we’re looking for roommates who want to go in on it with us.

Paralleling the beach, we discovered the secret back gate to NAS North Island giving us direct access to the west side of the base which we had not yet explored. As if on cue, a C-2 Carrier Onboard Delivery aircraft greeted us with a low pass overhead.<

We crossed the approach end of the runway as an F-18 Hornet came into the break; a move to rapidly slow down and land. Swinging around us, the Hornet screamed overhead as it landed 100 yards away. We swore we saw the pilot rock the wings just before landing to welcome us back.

Leaving the approach end of the airfield, we found the San Diego’s most remote shoreline. Breakers Beach was deserted. The crystal clear blue breakers curled perfectly into the shore. The expansive pristine sand felt amazing between our toes.

The wet, flat sand at water’s edge was the optimal surface for the National sport of Beach Paddle Ball. Out at sea, warships maneuvered for the channel on return to port. This had to be paradise. We lunched on ziploc bagged salads, shell hunted and paddle balled then walked the beach from one end to the other. Did we mention that it was good to be back?

When the sun began to get low in the sky, we knew our outdoor day was wrapping up. Hitting the commissary on our way out, we stuffed the panniers with 50 lbs of provisions navigating back roads with our toucan kite until picking up Silver Strand Boulevard for the sprint home.

Passing the Amphib base, the SEALs were still on the beach oblivious to the cold water as they trained with landing craft smashing into the shore. We left them to their awesome fun with toys, returning to Betty sunned, winded and loving life.